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  Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Announces 2008 Fellows
What do an evolutionary biologist, conservationist, former Supreme Court justice, biochemist, historian, and Woodland Pattern co-founder, Anne Kingsbury all have in common? They are the 2008 Fellows of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Anne KingsburyAs a fellow, Anne will be recognized for her qualities of judgment, perceptiveness, and knowledge of how literature, art and science contribute to the cultural life and welfare of the state. This prestigious fellowship celebrates an extraordinary lifetime accomplishment in the sciences, arts, and letters.

Since 1979, Anne has managed Woodland Pattern, a book center known for it's collection of small press titles (the largest for sale in the country). In her spare time, Anne continues to work on mixed media art, using traditional female objects as her forms of expression: dolls, pincushions, potholders, tea cozies, quilts and journals. Her artwork has been featured in 14 publications and is included in the collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum and other noted museums. She has participated in more than 60 major national exhibitions.

On November 2, Anne will be formally inducted and celebrated in a ceremony at the Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center in Madison, WI. Please join in with the rest of the Woodland Pattern staff in congratulating Anne on this amazing accomplishment.

The other honorees: evolutionary biologist Sean Carroll, conservationist Michael Dombeck, former Supreme Court justice Janine Geske, biochemist Laura Kiessling, art educator Barbara Brown Lee, and historian Kerry Trask.

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