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  •   Our 25th anniversary waltz (without the waltz)
    A celebration of NEW music in Milwaukee
    Sunday, November 20, 7pm
    Woodland Pattern Book Center

    For this final night of Woodland Patterns 25th anniversary festivities we have assembled some of the most active musicians in Milwaukees thriving experimental and improvised music scene. Representing a half dozen a different ensembles (including I-Beam, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Audiotrope, Hand to Mouth, and Raccoons) and the work of six unique independent Milwaukee-based artist-run labels (Soutrane, Topscore, Necessary Arts, Crouton, Cody Recordings, and Penumbra Music), this 12-piece ensemble convenes for an evening of freely improvised duos, trios, and quartets to celebrate Woodland Patterns next 25 years supporting and hosting new music to Milwaukee audiences.

  • Chris Burns
  • Thomas Gaudynski
  • Dave Gelting
  • Jeff Klatt
  • Josh Lesniak
  • Mike Lucas
  • Jon Mueller
  • Steve Nelson-Raney
  • Hal Rammel
  • Chris Rosenau
  • Jim Schoenecker
  • Jason Wietlispach

  • Christopher Burns is a composer of chamber and electroacoustic music. He is also an active performer, whether improvising with a laptop, or creating new versions of electronic classics. Christopher Burns teaches composition and music technology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Thomas Gaudynski is an composer and improviser of electro-acoustic music as well as an entrepreneurial scholar, writer, educator, and marketing consultant. He has presented his work and the work of others in Milwaukee since the mid-1970s.

    David Gelting has been improvising with the contrabass since arriving in Milwaukee in 1998. He has played and recorded in a trio with Byard Lancaster and Jon Mueller, with his current group I-Beam, and many other projects with his rock ensemble, The Danglers. He is also currently studying classical bass playing and bow technique with Laura Snyder of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

    Jeff Klatt is a composer of electroacoustic and chamber music. As a cellist, he is active both in free improvisation and as a private instructor.

    Josh Lesniak plays drums and percussion in I-Beam and teaches in the Fine Arts department of University of Wisconsin-Washington County.

    Mike Lucas is an eclectic drummer/percussionist who has performed and recorded music during the last 30 years in a variety of context. Lucas has worked in various music, dance and theater projects in North America and Europe, and recently performed in the improvised music project Hand to Mouth.

    Jon Mueller's use of drums and material extends beyond rhythm and tempo as witnessed in his collaborations with Asmus Tietchens, Bhob Rainey, Jason Kahn, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Lionel Marchetti, and Jack Wright. He is featured on numerous recordings and has performed throughout the U.S. and Japan.

    Steve Nelson-Raney is a composer/performer who is active in jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation. His interest as a performer is in the development of language systems for both solo and collaborative contexts.

    Hal Rammel designs and builds unique acoustic and amplified musical instruments and plays them in the groups Audiotrope, Raccoons, Whole or by the Slice, and I-Beam.

    Chris Rosenau plays the guitar. He has played the guitar for more than half of his life with all sorts of interesting people in all sorts of interesting places regardless of continent or inconvenience. When home, he sleeps on a normal pillow. When touring, he sleeps on the floor, with a pillow that has the word "mother" written on it in black magic marker.

    Jim Schoenecker, with an ongoing obsession for conventional and alternative methods of synthesis, creates finely detailed electronic sounds that beam across the room in razor-sharp lines.

    Jason Wietlispach plays reeds and a wide variety of other instruments in I-Beam, Field of Sound, the Chora Ensemble, and Castle Broadway. He has released numerous recordings on the Soutrane label.

    Here are links to the Milwaukee-based artist-run CD labels that document the work of many of the musicians playing at Woodand Pattern on November 20th:
  • Soutrane
  • Topscore
  • Crouton Music
  • Penumbra Music
  • Cody Arts

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