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Friday, April 25 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

Altered Realities: from the 2002 MadCat Women's International Film Festival presented by the UWM Film Department

The Woodland Pattern Experimental Film and Video MadCat Women's International Film Festivalseries is pleased to welcome back to Milwaukee a touring program from San Francisco's 6th annual MadCat Women's International Film Festival. A Festival committed to advancing an "alternative vision," MadCat emphasizes "innovative works by women which challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual story-telling."

Tonight's program Altered Realities features an impressive array of celebrated experimental filmmakers who use animation, found footage, hand processing and other techniques to craft visions of uneasy arrangements and worlds skewed.

To be presented:

» Perseverance and How to Develop It Jenny Perlin 2002 14 min Color/B/W US
Taking its title from a self-help book written nearly a hundred years ago, Perseverance and How to Develop It investigates the connections between depression, self-help, controlled environments and success in the US.
» Bautismo Casey Koehler 2002 5:30 min B/W 16mm US
This found footage hand-processed film creates a dreamlike state. The Bautismo or "baptism" infers a woman caught at sea fighting to keep afloat and away from the surreal demons that haunt her.
» Dark Dark Abigail Child 2001 16 min B/W 16mm US
This amazing deconstruction of filmic narrative creates an atmosphere of suspense that rests not on story but technique, as fragments of Hollywood films are eerily rotated and repositioned to create a sinister world of romance and danger.
» Switch Center Ericka Beckman 2002 10min Color 16mm Hungary/US
This beautifully crafted film was shot in decommissioned water plants and water towers in Budapest. "a tribute to the futuristic Soviet Industrial Architecture of the post war period, and a reaction to its conversion into shopping malls and global corporate office structures of the present day."
» Vessel Wrestling Lisa Yu 2001 13 min Color 16mm US
Using jello, clay and human hair, Yu manufactures a domestic space gone awry. While a woman waits for her child to come to dinner the audience is introduced to the unearthly creature she awaits. The space is transformed into a world where hair balls have a mind of their own and humans melt into light fixtures only to ooze out of the walls in erotic delight. This stunning film snagged Yu the award for Most Promising Filmmaker at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
» Sharp Proofing Pearce Williams 2002 8 min Color DV US
With an unsettling blend of fiction and realism, Sharp Proofing takes viewers behind closed doors of a psychiatrist's office. Our protagonist reveals her worst fears and phobias in this deadpan and succinctly written animated narrative.
» Then a Year Kelly Reichardt 2002 14 min Color BetaSP US
Using a collage of sound from sensationalized TV "true" crime shows and eerily beautiful soft focus Super 8 footage, Reichardt creates a narrative of love and betrayal. Amy Taubin of the Village Voice calls Then a Year "lyrical, ominous and evocative of how horribly love can hurt."
Please note: On Thursday, April 24, Alverno College will present Truth Seekers, a program, also originated by MadCat, of experimental testimony and documentary. Contact Alverno's box office at 414-382-6334 for more information.

For more information on MadCat: http://www.madcatfilmfestival.org/

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