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Saturday, April 28, 7pm, $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

ProjectorTalk (Ages 6 & Up):
Live film performances by Grant Wiedenfeld

Grant Wiedenfeld in person!

ProjectorTalk: A projector speaks her images onscreen, and a poets voice offscreen talks to her, with her, when she listens in the dark. This unique mode of performance plays with a purring machine in place of a stage, and speaks to the lyric child at heart, on sleeves, or climbing in the trees. A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Grant Wiedenfeld is an MFA candidate (nearly graduated!) at UW-Milwaukee. His films have screened at Media City Film Festival, the London Film Festival, and TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition.

Films to be screened/performed (subject to change):

Aubreys Forest Grove
(8 minutes, 16mm & voice, 2007)
opening excerpt from the poem:

herrufflesblowdrythrough the trees

View of Lake Michigan, 1892
(4 minutes, 16mm, silent, 2007)
An ode to cinemas animated roots and to the pioneering beauty of Lake Michigan.

Muriels Song
(3 minutes, 16mm, silent, 2006)
When feeling overwhelms my voice, I sing; mine eyes, what visions imagine they?

Fort Dodge, Iowa
(8 minutes, 16mm & voice, 2006)
A ProjectorTalking portrait of a married couple who reside in this medium-sized Iowa town.

(5 minutes, 16mm & voice, 2006)
Imagine thunderstorms in a theatre. Thunderstorms.

Crepuscule Duet
(6 minutes, super8 & voice, 2002)
Heralds the sun over the horizon, all his subjects now in motion.

PLUS a surprise film...

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