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Friday, April 25, 7pm, $2
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Presented by the UWM Department of Film

In Anticipation of May Day: Catching up with Chris Marker

Celebrated film-essayist Chris Marker remains the film poet of memory as well as one of the wisest observers of political change, his films commenting on—and at times participating in —explorations of the possibilities and meanings of revolution. On the anniversary of the tumultuous events of May 1968, events that Marker engaged in, documented, and reflected on, the Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series participates in a cross-river showcase that looks back and catches up on films of Chris Marker, with this presentation of two newly re-released works from that era of promise and upheaval.

To screen:
from The Sixth Side of the Pentagon, a film by Chris Marker
from The Sixth Side of the Pentagon
a film by Chris Marker
The Sixth Side of the Pentagon (Chris Marker & Franois Reichenbach, 16mm on DVD, 26min., b&w/sound, 1967)
"If the five sides of the pentagon appear impregnable, attack the sixth side." (Zen proverb.) Marker and Reichenbach's striking front lines document chronicles the October 1967 march on the Pentagon. On October 21, 1967, over 100,000 protestors gathered in Washington, D.C., for the Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam, unleashing the largest protest gathering yet. Che Guevara had been killed in Bolivia only two weeks previously, and, for many, it was the transition from simply marching against the war, to taking direct action to try to stop the "American war machine.'"

from The Embassy, a film by Chris Marker
from The Embassy, a film by Chris Marker
The Embassy (21 min., super8 on DVD, color/sound, 1973)
One of Chris Marker's few fiction films, The Embassy shows political dissidents seeking refuge in a foreign embassy after a military coup d'tat in an unidentified country. Over the next few days, more and more people fleeing the military assault arrive at the embassy. An anonymous cameraman records the tense situation with his Super-8 camera, and provides a voice-over commentary, as the Ambassador and his wife arrange to house and feed the growing group, who monitor radio reports of the alarming political developments—including thousands of political prisoners detained in a stadium, and reports of executions—and glimpse activities on the streets outside. Made in response to the 1973 military coup that ousted Chilean President Salvador Allende, The Embassy is a striking companion to Marker's other fiction film, La Jetee, another film of people trapped in time.

Also, to screen—just added:
On vous parle de Paris: Les mots ont un sens (Report on Paris: Words have a sense.) (16mm on DVD, in French with live English translation, b&w, 20min., 1970)
A portrait of bookseller/publisher Franois Maspero. One of Marker's contributions to a serial film magazine, a series of newreels subtitled "Magazine of Counter-Information" and produced by the collective SLON (the "Company for the Launching of New Works"), meant to offer an alternative to mainstream media in its coverage and commentary on world news and political, social, and cultural figures.

Other Milwaukee screenings will include the Cream City Collectives presentation (Thursday, April 24) of Chris Marker and Mario Marret's A bientt j'espre (Be Seeing You), their collaboratively made documentary on the 1967 Rhodiaceta factory strike; and the UWM Union Theatre's screening of Marker's summarizing consideration of the period, A Grin Without a Cat: Scenes from the Third World War 1967-1977 (screening May 2-4).

For the Union Theatre schedule see http://www.uniontheatre.uwm.edu

For more on the Cream City Collectives see: http://www.myspace.com/creamcitycollective

In Anticipation of May Day: Catching up with Chris Marker is co-presented by these other venues and the Center for 21st Century Studies at UWM.
Presented by the UWM Film Department

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