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Thursday, August 28, 7pm and 8pm, $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

Scorpio Rising ****special screening****

the best biker film ever

Kenneth Anger's
Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising

Woodland Pattern surrenders to the occasion and presents two free screenings of Kenneth Angers Scorpio Rising, the seminal Underground classic, the first music video ever, maybe, one of the finest treatises on fan worship (pop and otherwise), and the best biker film ever. Featuring bikers, Brando, and the King of Kings. Proclaims Anger: "A 'high' view of the Myth of the American Motorcyclist. The machine as totem, from toy to terror. Thanatos in chrome and black leather."

With music by Little Peggy March, The Angels, Bobby Vinton, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, The Crystals, The Rondells, Kris Jensen, Claudine Clark, Gene McDaniels, The Surfari.

Accompaniment also from all the hogs in the world out on Locust Street celebrating the 100th Birthday of Milwaukee Iron.

Scorpio Rising
Concept, direction, camera and editing by Kenneth Anger, 16mm, color/so, 29m, 1963
presented with the UWM Film Department

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