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Friday, August 13, 7pm, $4

Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

"Robert on his Lunch Break" and other films:
an evening with local filmmaker Dave Andrae

from 'Robert on his Lunch Break' by Dave Andrae
from 'Robert on his Lunch Break' by Dave Andrae

Join Wisconsin filmmaker Dave Andrae as he shares an evening of his films, including the local premiere of "Robert on his Lunch Break," which Andrae describes as "A carefully crafted meditation on resentment, it conveys with pathos and humor the strange, confounding sensation of being put on the spot by a troll."

Continues Andrae, "'Robert on his Lunch Break' is not an unpleasant film but it deals with unpleasant emotions. It's sort of an existentialist western, only instead of there being a gunfight there's a psychological showdown in the form of a bizarre conversation. The film has a stiff, subdued acting style and its dialogue is marked by a lot of negative space. Each of the four characters is confined to his or her own aesthetic reality and together their visuals evoke a vibrant netherworld. This is definitely an odd one, but it looks good and has a kindhearted ethos, and that's why I like it."

Andrae will also share other work including "Ped"; "Fugazi's Last Stop in Wisconsin"; and "Self-important Empirical Film #3, with Voice-over," the latter the winner of "Best Experimental Film" at the 8th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival.

The UWM Film Department presents the Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series once a month in the gallery space of Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series presents film and video screenings, presentations by visiting artists, and varieties of media performance.

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