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Sunday, December 3, 2pm, Free
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Fill Thy Crack with Whiteness!
A George Kuchar Xmas!

George Kuchar
Renowned underground filmmaker George Kuchar is also the most exquisite of video artists, and among the chestnuts nestled in the cornucopia that is his brilliant and prolific career are his annually uncorked holiday videos, diaries wreathed with sly subversion, "special effects," and observations hilarious and poignant.

A most generous holiday offering indeed! The Woodland Pattern Open House will deck the halls with a quintet, from across three decades, of Kuchar's impressive personal testimony.

To Screen:
Xmas 1987 (New Year's) (13 min, 1987)
Fill Thy Crack with Whiteness (11 min, 1989)
Holiday Xmas Video of 1991 (20 min, 1991)
Dingleberry Jingles (21 min, 1994)
Kingdom by the Sea (20 min, 2002)

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