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Friday, December 7, 7pm, $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Lunchfilms: A program commissioned and curated by Mike Plante

"I buy a filmmaker lunch and in trade they give me a short film made for the cost of the lunch. It started by accident—and necessity. Since then 28 shorts have been commissioned (or eaten). Rules and ideas based on whatever we talked about at lunch are written on a napkin contract. While each film has its own logic, it's all about a variety of tastes. The overall metaphor is about community. It is very easy to help a filmmaker. Buy one lunch today." Mike Plante

To date, 28 short films commissioned: 28 lunches consumed; 28 contracts written on napkins.

Participants with completed films include: Cam Archer (cost of lunch/film: $33.12); Roger Beebe ($32.37); James Benning ($74.78); James Clauer ($26.69); Jem Cohen ($11.30); Ben Coonley ($6.00); Kevin Everson ($37.37); James Fotopoulos ($30.40); Sharon Lockhart ($74.79); Eileen Maxson ($17.00); Carson Mell ($40.89); Nina Menkes ($42.19); Chris Peters ($32.36); Elizabeth Skadden ($23.16); Sebastien Wolf and Ian Ritterskamp (€101.35); The Zellner Brothers ($26.14).

Roger Beebe, TB TX Dance, 2006, 3 minutes. Reference dance. Reference Texas. Have an autograph in it. Mention Toni Basil. Cam Archer, A Look Back, 2005, 7 minutes. All actors are over 18. Must contain one tree. Color. Bigfoot reference. No irony.

James Benning, 2005, 1 minute, silent. No people in it. Must make people hungry. Must be in color. Ben Coonley, Six-Dollar Twelve Days of Christmas Spectacular, 2005, 5 minutes. Reference Texas. Must be a sequel to...something. All moving images. Reference a parade. (Also used as his 2005 Xmas card.)

Kevin Everson, Raphaela Ring Munchen, 2006, 4 minutes. Reference tenure. Have a gutter shot. Have some food. Make a physical object to accompany the film. (He made a cast iron stopwatch.) Nina Menkes, Untitled #1, 2006, 2 minutes. Must be made outside the country. Must be about being outside.

James Clauer, When The World's on Fire, 2007, 7 minutes. Film must reference: Nashville. Real country music. Jem Cohen. (raw footage for live performance by Boxhead Ensemble, 6 minutes). Must contain: Full frontal. Comedy.

Sharon Lockhart. Must make the lunch poster for the lunch series. And maybe a film if there's any money left. The poster must represent: lunch A good one Mike Plante's hand with cake.

Contract for film drafted by Nina Menkes and Mike Plante on restaurant napkin.

For more information on LunchFilms see: http://lunchfilm.blogspot.com/

Presented by the UWM Film Department

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