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Friday, December 7, 7pm, $4

Woodland Pattern Book Center & the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival share two filmic portraits, two chapters of queer artistic history, experimental and underground. To screen:

In Search of Avery Willard
(Cary Kehayan, 2012)

Avery Willard is a queer art movement pioneer most likely new to you. Excavating a rich selection of archival films & photographs of Willard's work, enhanced here with interviews with collaborators and associates and historians, filmmaker Cary Kehayan re-introduces the vividly queer and provocatively artistic energies of this ambitious, self-sabotaging, always busy New York artist. Consider: Broadway photographer, physique artist, gay activist, experimental filmmaker, drag historian, leatherman, and pornographer, an evolving output that garnished and documented New York gay life from the 1940s through the 1990s. Kehayan's film is a valuable work of reclamation, a-dazzle with the astounding clips (racy, arty) from Willard's underground film oeuvre.
Avery Willard

[If Willard's work stirs déjà vu, he was the subject of the documentary the filmmaker-character was making in Ira Sach's Keep The Lights On, which screened at this year's Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival. Sachs served as executive produce for Kehayan's film.]

I Remember: A Film about Joe Brainard
(Matt Wolf, 24min., 2012)

Joe Brainard An affectionate, spirited recounting of the life and energies of poet, artist, collagist Joe Brainard, commemorated here mostly for his singular memoir I Remember, a beloved memory-album and personal litany of sentences christened with the words "I remember..." Matt Wolf's appreciation is, suitably and winningly, also a collage, affectionate and lively, whimsical and touching. Remarkably, helpfully, and generously, Wolf's archival montage features audio recordings of Brainard reading from I Remember in dialogue with an interview with his lifelong friend and collaborator, poet Ron Padgett.

Audience members are invited to bring their favorite Joe Brainard passages to share. Also, for background on the film, see JoeBrainardFilm.com.

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