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  Experimental Film and Video
Friday, February 25, 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee
Michael Gitlin's
the birdpeople

(16mm, color/sound, 61 min., 2004)
Michael Gitlin

Director Michael Gitlin will be on hand to introduce his new film, a personal and heartfelt portrait of an array of birdpeople and the objects of their devotion. The film is anthropological query, respectful tribute, a study of at least two species (one winged, the other binocked). On display herein: A gaggle of Central Park birdwatchers; proud ornithologists showcasing their extensive drawersful of specimens; dedicated fieldworkers who map needed data by banding the delicate legs of birds; and an avid, hopeful few, tracking rumors of the ivorybill woodpecker, feared extinct. Perched throughout are the birds: Michael Gitlincaptured, if fleetingly, on images optically printed from Kodachrome Super 8, they preside in their own space. They dart; are vital, beautiful. Gitlin is of a feather with the birdpeople he surveys: a creature prone to immersive, considered observation, commemorative of variation, haunted by sightings lost, he treasures a kindred sense of time and shares a pleasure in curiosities and their quiet, steadfast pursuit.

Screened in conjunction with Of a Feather, an exaltation of international short films and videos about birds, curated by video artist and UWM professor Cecelia Condit, to be presented at Milwaukee Art Museum's Lubar Auditorium on Thursday, February 10 at 7pm. See www.mam.org for more information.

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