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Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Ici et ailleurs
(Jean Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville, France, in French with English subtitles, 16mm & video on 16mm, 53 min., 1976)

Ici et ailleurs
Ici et ailleurs
In 1970, the Arab League funded the radically aspirant film collective the Dziga Vertov Group to make a rallying portrait about the "Palestinian situation" and Jean Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin went to Jordan to film. The attempted project—to be entitled, Until Victory—was abandoned, hindered by language difficulties, the lack of funding, and a political situation fraught with violence. (The subjects of film were later killed in warfare.) Five years later, in Ici et ailleurs, Godard & Miéville revisit the abandoned film, reconsidering and unpacking its images and sounds through conversation: they re-platform this fascinating footage and expose its fascination. Juxtaposing the original film with the (also) staged domestic placidity of a middle-class French family, Miéville and Godard interrogate the original project through deconstruction, collage, and self-doubt. And Ici et ailleurs is thereby a remarkably textured and relentlessly complicating film/video essay (Godard's first to insinuate video into film) that unfurls images and sound in order to dismantle any easy trust in he conventions of such language. The English title is Here and Elsewhere, and the film is clear-eyed about such possibly unbrokerable distances—between us and them, author and subject, language and reality, image and truth. The film reveals a process and a language, and lays bare its failures and traps, but is no less energetic, bracingly analytical, doggedly complex, or timely.

This rare screening is made possible thanks to the support of the UWM Center for International Education. Print courtesy of Contemporary Films, London.

"Ici et ailleurs, the film Miéville and Godard made from the abandoned fragments of Jusqu'a la victoire, takes the form of a conversation—a man and a woman discuss the images that unwind before us. It is this conversation which provides the new balance between sound and image. If the Dziga Vertov group had used conversations, they were didactic; one voice was given a necessary prominence and the sound was harsh and strident. In Ici et ailleurs, the voices are soft. Rather than dictating to us what the images mean, they attempt to discover what meaning they might have."
- Colin McCabe, Godard

Clip of Ici et ailleurs on YouTube

Serge Daney on "Ici et ailleurs"

The UWM Film Department presents the Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series once a month in the gallery space of Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series presents film and video screenings, presentations by visiting artists, and varieties of media performance.

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