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Friday, February 26, 7pm, $4

Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Video work from George Kuchar

Pages from the Corpus Kuchar: A Primer offered as Prologue
Focusing on his diary work since 1987, tonight's program offers a brief and accessible entry to the video work of American underground cinema icon George Kuchar, whose expansive and seminal videography oscillates between fictional celebrations of

Creeping Crimson Weather Diary 6
from Creeping Crimson from Weather Diary 6

sexuality and documentation of his own bodily movements. For over 20 years, Kuchar has diligently recorded his daily life and expertly edited the footage into humorous and moving video essays documenting his aging body; interactions with his acquaintances; and the weather. Work to screen: (copy courtesy of G. Kuchar):

Creeping Crimson (15min., 1987)
George visits his mother in the hospital on Halloween and contemplates the autumn colors.

Weather Diary 6 (30min.,1990)
Scenes from a vacation. Music comes on loud and clear and washes over a series of visual impressions of the land and the sky and the faulty plumbing that submerges porcelain bottoms in a sea of unmentionable froth.

Tower of Terror (12.25min., 2007)
A brief glimpse into a "day at the office" in an edifice dedicated to personal expressions of the inner eye. A subjective view of twisted perspectives reflecting the morbid dreads of he who walks among the talented throng.

Curated by Timothy Sienko, tonight's program is the opening of a season of Kuchar, with a septet of screenings—7 programs! Across 2 zipcodes!—of and around George Kuchar to be held at Woodland Pattern, the UWM Union Theatre, and in the UWM Film Department. The series—Cinematic Excursions with George Kuchar—is presented in anticipation and in celebration of George Kuchar's visit to Milwaukee on April 12 and 13. Kuchar will be presenting a program of his work at the Union Theatre on Tuesday, April 13. For the Union Theatre schedule, see: www.uniontheatre.uwm.edu

And coming up at Woodland Pattern, on Friday, April 23, the series concludes with
From the Supernatural Shadows of Hollywood and Here:
On George Kuchar's Influence on Experimental and Independent Cinema

A program of films and videos that conjure the aesthetic, style, and love of George Kuchar's cinema. From the supernatural to the diaristic, the elaborately and beautifully costumed to masterfully edited recycled footage, these videos and films pay tribute to Kuchar's singular influence while comprising a charming strand of North American cinema. Curated by Lisa Danker, this program will bring the Cinematic Excursions with George Kuchar series to a close.

The UWM Film Department presents the Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series once a month in the gallery space of Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series presents film and video screenings, presentations by visiting artists, and varieties of media performance.

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