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Friday, January 27, 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

The 2006 Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series will commence with our screening of Tony Oursler's 1979 and just recently restored video Life of Phillis and Stephanie Barber's film dogs.

Maybe fittingly for the first of the year, our January program works from a perhaps
From Life of Phillis, by Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler. "Life of Phillis," 1979. Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.
elementary aesthetic, the film and video we are presenting each puppet shows of sorts, crafting works of impressive, even moving, complexity via the tantalizing resourcefulness of the handmade.

Tony Oursler's ramshackle epic video is one of his earliest video narratives, and, per Electronic Arts Intermix, who provided the tape, "In this psychosexual, low-tech epic, Oursler creates an outrageous theatrical world, fashioning characters from unlikely found objects. Willfully primitive, often grotesque, and crafted with an ingenious visual shorthand, Life of Phillis inhabits an ironic landscape fabricated from the detritus of pop culture."

Once-local-just-recently-Baltimorean-filmmaker Stephanie Barber shares with us her film dogs. dogs presents two ruminating canines (papier mache puppets, voiced by Paul Dreuke and Nick Frank) discussing art making, taking chances, and risking wrong choices. The film is Socratically wrought and remarkably tender.

This series illuminates the gallery space of the Woodland Pattern Book Center once a month, mostly on the final Friday, various schedules permitting. The series is presented by the UWM Film Department.

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