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Friday, January 26, 7pm
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

orienteer: some filmic overland excursions
by Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson

Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels
Set for Friday, January 26 is orienteer: some filmic overland excursions by Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson. Offered as a companion to Inova/Kenilworth's opening of the exhibit "Renatured," also opening on the 26th, tonight's program will re-visit some expeditions across the land, filmed forays by pioneering earthworks artists Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson that navigate natural terrains while re-orienting earthbound experience.

Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson's Swamp
The program will offer souvenirs of trips taken and documents of artworks installed, including the making of Holt's sun-capturing concrete tunnels in the desert of northwest Utah and the towing around Manhattan of Smithson's barge-sized park, his posthumously realized tribute to, and version of, Central Park. And not to be missed is "Pine Barrens," Holt's mesmerizing traversal of barren wilderness in south-central New Jersey.

set to screen:

Swamp (Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson, 16mm, 1971)
Mono Lake (Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, 16mm on video, 1968-2004)
Sun Tunnels (Nancy Holt, 16mm, 1978)
Pine Barrens (Nancy Holt, 16mm, 1975)
Floating Island to Travel around Manhattan Island (Robert Smithson, posthumously realized,video, 2005)

The exhibit "Renatured"—orienteer's cross-river companion—features work by Tom Bamberger and Kyoung Ae Cho and opens on Friday, January 26 at 6pm. (The gallery talk that evening starts promptly at 6pm so you still will be able to make the WP screening's start at 7.) "Renatured" runs through March 4. This show is the inaugural exhibit at Inova's new gallery space at Kenilworth Square East, which is located at 2155 N. Prospect Ave. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 12 noon-5 pm. And admission is free. For more information see call 414-229-5070 or www.arts.uwm.edu/inova

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