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Thursday, July 29, 7pm
Quick Billy Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Film Department

(Bruce Baillie, 16mm, b&w/color/sound, 60 min., 1967-70)

There will be a screening of Bruce Baillie's personal 16mm epic, Quick Billy, at Woodland Pattern on Thursday, July 29 at 7pm. Admission is $2.

Something of a Western, actually, and an Eastern, Quick Billy is both a "horseBruce Baillie opera in four reels" and a visual translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Offered as autobiography-via-landscape ("I considered Quick Billy a kind of interior documentary"), the film features Baillie himself as the titular gun-slinger in the sepia-toned mini-Western that concludes the film.

Baillie's film work is marked by a camera eye of extreme agility and a ready facility for beauty. With his singular appreciation of light and the marvel he can attain, as here, through superimposition, Baillie's films offer generous space for the pleasures of looking. While his delicacy of vision is matched by a structural rigor, his dexterity betrays no strain: consider tonight's film a summer respite for your eyes. Writes Simon Field, on Quick Billy, "For me, seeing it reminded me of what that much used cliche 'beautiful photography' can actually mean when really lived up to."

Keeping with the generosity of Baillie's vision, this print of Quick Billy will be accompanied by the screening of 6 uncut camera rolls from the filmmaker.

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