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Friday, June 30, 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film
co-presented by the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival

I'm A Voyeur: A Retrospective of Queer Canadian Video Works
I'm A Voyeur: A Retrospective of Queer Canadian Video Works

From the land of same sex marriage, k d lang, Kids in the Hall, Mounties, and one of the most sophisticated histories of video art anywhere arrives this program of canonical and quite fresh videos (replaces "video art") that offers both a history of the medium and testimony to the range of queer expression recorded up north. Running from 1974 to just about yesterday, this 12-tape survey will share the provocation of performance; AIDS activism; communal histories; brainy and sly theoretical engagement; multiculturalist interventions; a lesbian Scorpio Rising; and more. Offered for LGBT Pride Month, this program was curated by Wanda Vander Stoop of Toronto's V Tape. (see www.vtape.org)

Please note, to paraphrase the makers of Pogo Stick Porno Romp: "if radical deconstruction techniques or graphic sexual depictions disturb you, this is not the program for you."

Titles will include:

Colin Campbell's I'm a Voyeur (1974)
Margaret Moores' Labryis Rising (1980)
Paul Wong's 60 Unit: Bruise (1976)
John Greyson's The Perils of Pedagogy (1984)
Michael Balser & Andy Fabo's Pogo Stick Porno Romp (1987)
Richard Fung's Steam Clean (1990)
Arif Noorani & Kevin D*Souza's Puri (1998)
Kathleen Pirrie Adams & Paula Gignac's Excess Is What I Came For (1994)
Thirza Cuthand's Working Baby Dyke Theory (1997)
Nelson Henricks' Handy Man (1999)
and more...

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