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Friday, June 27, 7pm $2

The Odds of Recovery: Su Friedrich (2002, 65 mins., 16mm)
The Odds of Recovery takes a very personal look at the complex problems we face when we confront our illnesses and try to deal with the medical establishment that's meant to cure us. Through a detailed chronology of the filmmaker's six surgeries and one major hormone imbalance, The Odds of Recovery records the many social, psychological and economic reasons why we often shy away from dealing with our medical problems and fail to do what's necessary to maintain a healthier way of life. Through video documentation in doctors' offices and hospitals as well as 16mm footage of alternative treatments and other health-giving activities (like T'ai Chi and gardening), The Odds of Recovery explores many facets of a widespread problem, in a generously frank and often frankly amusing way.

Presented by the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival & the UWM Film Department

Also being screened Thursday, June 26, 7pm
Presented with the Lesbian Community Health Project
at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
315 W. Court Street; Suite 101
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 271-2656

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