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Thursday, May 27
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Film Department

Harun Farocki's War at a Distance & The Speculative Archive's It's Not My Memory of It: Three Recollected Documents Harun FarockiTwo works of visions undisclosed: the first coolly unveiling the machine eye of military operations, the latter describing the labor of government secrecy through an unfolding of reconstructions of previously truncated "official" versions.

Others have said:
"Farocki's War at a Distance brilliantly navigates and explores the connections between machine-vision, violence, and capitalist production practices in the context of the Gulf War and the global economy. Farocki demonstrates that our nave anthropocentric notions of vision and the visible are obsolete in today's world." -- San Francisco Cinematheque

"Through the demonstration of the elective availability of facts, it opens up questions about what we can know through historical residue. In It's Not My Memory of It, the raw material of history is rediscovered, released, and, finally, seized and held under a spotlight." Carly Berwick, Film Comment

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