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Friday, May 27, 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

The Nature of Technology/Film: Works by Chris Welsby

Since the early '70s, Canadian-based artist Chris Welsby has used film, video, and installation to re-consider the Joseph Cornell relationships between mind, technology, and nature. In Welsby's work, the cinematic apparatus is exposed to those elements, while the natural world is free to interact and participate in its own representation on celluloid. Welsby reveals the impetuous and fragile in nature, making it possible to "envisage a relationship between technology and nature based on principles other than exploitation and domination."

"...his films not only contemplate nature—watching the clouds or the tides—but reflect on cinematic mechanisms as a metaphor for industrial civilization. Can our machine-made world enhance our experience of nature? Or are we irretrievably alienated from it by our own creations?" - Fred Camper

All works to be presented on 16mm film:

Seven Days - 1974, color/sound, 20m
Colour Separation - 1974, color/silent, 3m
Tree - 1974, color/silent, 4m
Stream Line - 1976, color/sound, 8m
Sky Light - 1988, color/sound, 26m

The program will be presented by Alex Moeller, local filmmaker.

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