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Sunday, November 19, 1pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Palindromes, Camerae Obscurae, & Histories (Un)Written in Land

Films by Thomas Comerford, 1997-2005

With Thomas Comerford in person!

Films by Thomas Comerford
Filmmaker Thomas Comerford will be on hand to present a retrospective screening of his 16mm films. His films range from the structural conceit of Sisyphus's Cinema, which uses the model of the palindrome on the recorded filmstrip and soundtrack of film, to his explorations of pinhole (lens-less) photography that offer meditations on technology, perception, place, and memory. (Dpart; ILLA CAMERA OBSCVRA; Figures in the Landscape). His most recent film, Land Marked/Marquette, jettisons the fog and atmosphere of pinhole in favor of clear, concisely observed landscape studies of sites and monuments in Chicago connected to 17th century exploration by Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette. In examining the monuments to Marquette, the "stories" the monuments tell, and the relationship of the monuments to their surroundings, Land Marked deploys different audio-visual and stylistic tactics, allowing for the contemplation of both historical representation and the transformation of the land in the passage of time.

Films by Thomas Comerford
To screen:
Sisyphus's Cinema (4 min., 1997)
Dpart (6 min., 2000)
ILLA CAMERA OBSCVRA (12 mins, 2001)
Figures in the Landscape, (12 mins, 2002)
Land Marked/Marquette (23 mins., 2005)

For more on Thomas Comerford, see http://www.thomascomerford.net

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