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November 21, 2pm-8pm, $4
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Andy Warhol's Soap Opera 1973-1975
(Vivian's Girls; Phoney; Fight)

Andy Warhol's Soap Opera
Andy Warhol's Soap Opera 1973-1975
Andy Warhol's Soap Opera 1973-1975 is the final program in a season of rarely screened video work from Andy Warhol and his Factory cohorts, curated by Thomas Schur and Carl Bogner. The videos are available thanks to the generous permission of the Andy Warhol Museum (with great thanks to Greg Pierce and Geralyn Huxley.) The series Andy Warhol Video & TV is presented by the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival and the Milwaukee Art Museum and made possible thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Johnson & Pabst LGBT Humanity Fund.

Woodland Pattern's gallery space will be converted into a couch potato's haven for this marathon (5 or so hours) of acting out—and some kind of fun—via the platform of the domestic melodrama, featuring many Factory stars in fine form, especially Candy Darling, and in the incredible psychodrama exercise/verbal sparring match Fight, Charles Rydell and Brigid Berlin. Truly the flows of energy in the latter sessions are to be experienced to be believed as Rydell and Berlin impressively invest themselves (attack, modulate, repeat) into this duel for the camera, Rydell, a deliciously unstoppable torrent of complaint and invective; Berlin evasive, vulnerable, giving as good as she gets.

Spend the afternoon! Partake in parts! Snacks, comfortable seating, entertainment to be provided.

To screen: Vivian's Girls (Edit #2) (30min., 1973); Phoney (Edit #2) (49min.,1973); Fight Test #1 (33min., August 15, 1975); Fight Test #2 (30min., August 23, 1975) Fight Test #3 (33min., August 28, 1975); Fight Test #4, Tape #1 (30min., August 29, 1975); Fight Test #4, Tape # 2 (30min., August 29, 1975); Fight Test #5, Tape #1 (33min., December 2, 1975); Fight Test #5, Tape #2 (33min., December 2, 1975)

The UWM Film Department presents the Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video series once a month in the gallery space of Woodland Pattern Book Center. The series presents film and video screenings, presentations by visiting artists, and varieties of media performance.

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