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Friday, October 29, 7pm
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Jean Rouch Presented by the UWM Film Department

Jean Rouch (16mm, color/sound, 93 min, 1954/1967)

"I contest anthropology in my emphasis on the need to share, to produce in a medium that allows dialogue and dissent across societal lines."
Jean Rouch

Rouch's first fiction film follows the migration of three men from the savannah of Niger to the cities of Ghana (then Gold Coast) Jaguar was largely improvised by Rouch and the actors and constitutes Rouch's first attempt at participatory filmmaking. Filmed with a portable, spring wound, non-synchronous camera, the dialogue was improvised years later by the actors as they watched the film. This historical disjunction between the image and sound serves as a self-reflexive commentary on the differences between pre- and post-independence Africa.

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