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Saturday, October 28, 7pm $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

US premiere!

Guy Maddin, Fearless Pig, the Royal Art Lodge & more to be featured in...

Winnipeg Babysitter
curated by visiting artist Daniel Barrow

For the past 2 years Daniel Barrow has been researching, compiling and archiving a history of independently produced television in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Pollock & Pollock Gossip Show In the late '70s and throughout the '80's, Winnipeg experienced a "golden age" of public access television. Anyone with a dream, concept or exhibitionist politic would be endowed with airtime and professional production services. A precedent was set in the late '70s when the infamous, Winnipeg-born performance artist Glen Meadmore sat in front of a television camera and silently picked at his acne for 30 minutes each week. Winnipeg Babysitter traces this and other unique vignettes from a brief synapse in broadcasting history when Winnipeg cable companies were mandated to provide public access as a condition of their broadcasting license. Barrow will be present to provide a magic lantern commentary, describing the various and outrageous biographies of cult classics (that subsequently became urban legends when the Winnipeg public access paradigm was axed in the '90s).

Among the treasures to be included:

Survival (Greg Klymiw and Guy Maddin 1982-87; features Maddin's earliest recorded performances)
Metal Inquisition (Fearless Pig and Terrible Dog, 1986)
Delirious Photoplay (Myles and Drue Langlois of the Royal Art Lodge 1999)
The Pollock & Pollock Gossip Show (Natalie and Ronnie Pollock 1986-89)
& many others!

Daniel Barrow will be performing his own work, Survivala mixture of animation performed live, music, and story telling at the UWM Union Theatre on Tuesday, November 1 at 7pm. As part of the Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Theatre series, Barrow will perform The Face of Everything, a piece from 2002 that sets in motion a story based very loosely on the life experiences of some of Liberace's most notorious boyfriends.

Daniel Barrow's visit is sponsored by the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival.

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