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Saturday, September 29, 7pm, $2
Woodland Pattern Experimental Film/Video Series
Presented by the UWM Department of Film

Circling the Space:
Body in Film
The video/film works of Mendietta, Hatoum and Jonas have common grounding in the psychological and spatial conundrums that circle sculptural concerns such as body, self, object, material, context, place, dislocation and interactivity.

This program is curated by local artist Jill Sebastian, Professor of Sculpture at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Selected Filmworks, 1972-1981, 33 min
Ana Mendieta
Cuban-born artist Ana Mendieta's ritualistic performances and haunting "earth-body" sculptures of the 1970s resonate with visceral metaphors of death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation. Much of her work expresses the pain and rupture of cultural displacement. Mendieta made more than seventy films and videotapes.

Changing Parts, 1985, 24 min
Mona Hatoum
British artist Mona Hatoum's work draws on her cultural identity as a Lebanese immigrant. One part refers to an organized, clearly defined, privileged and ordered reality and the other to a reality of disorder, chaos, war and destruction. But this opposition turns out to be full of contradictions as inside and outside become interchangeable and in the disorder can also be seen as an expression of birth and the sensuousness of life.

He Saw Her Burning, 1983, 19:32 min
Joan Jonas
Based on a 1983 performance, He Saw Her Burning is a surreal juxtaposition of a man and a woman occupying separate narrative spaces as they tell their stories, which are intercut with a pastiche of word games, narrative reenactments, filmed sequences, isolated gestures and objects. Produced while Jonas was living in Berlin on an artist's fellowship, the disjunctive narratives are pervaded with a sense of cultural dislocation and alienation.

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