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Katherine Ng
March 21 through April 30, 2004
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee

Katherine Ng:
Origami, Pop-ups & Accordions

Katherine Ng, a native of Los Angeles, is a book artist, origamist and printer. Her artist books are sculptural in structure and document various cultures within society: Asian American, lesbian, mental health and cross-cultural similarities. Her books are collected internationally and exhibited throughout the United States. She is the director of the letterpress studio at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena were she teaches letterpress printing and book arts to children, teens and adults. Her most recent works are accordion books created from Lego building blocks. She has also continued to "weave" more vessels (and even some flowers) and construct with origami.

"The majority of my work reflects my bi-cultural upbringing in a Chinese American family. This is evident in the text and structure of my first artist book Banana Yellow and my third artist book, Fortune Ate Me. In there books, my anecdotal text becomes incorporated into structures that emphasize a stereotype of my ethnicity - Chinese take-out boxes and fortune cookies. .....Much of my work is created by limiting myself to whatever materials are available. My interest in printed matter and origami began at a young age and continues to grow as I explore various book structures. Recently, I have returned to a childhood favorite toy, Legos, to create accordion books. My first Lego books were created Thanksgiving weekend 2000. Ironically, the first accordion Lego book that I produced My First Book of Vowels, is a study of text. So whether I handset type, or create it with Lego - type - in one form or another, will always be some part of my image."

Origami, Pop-ups & Accordions with Katherine Ng
origamic book structures workshop
Sunday, April 4, 1-4pm
Price $40
Preregistration required/Call 263-5001

origami, pop-ups & accordions

Explore various book structures inspired by origamic forms, accordion folds and pop-up elements. Participants will create a sampling of origamic book structures bound in a slip case or Masu box, meandering accordion books that can house the alphabet, a "pop-up" reference book, and if time permits, an introduction to flexagons.

April 9, 5-8pm

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