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  Marsha McDonald:
River Paintings and Mo Shui (Ink Water)
opening February 23, 2012

Artist's reception 6pm

Mo Shui (Ink Water) by Marsha McDonald River Paintings

We categorize a landscape by how it strikes us: inaccessible, traversable, wanderable, or inhabitable. Though a superb work can belong to any of these categories, a painting of a forbidding outlook or a mountain pass is less significant than those whose mountains seem wanderable or dwellable.
-Guo Xi (Kuo Hsi), An Essay on Landscape Painting,
translated by Shio Sakanashi

Water is a living thing...
- Guo Xi

The Milwaukee River, as an urban wanderer, is the source meditation for this year-long series of small works. There is something in this city waterway that reflects the humane (as copper reflects light and found metal and our desire for these), yet also submerges it, sublimates it.

I began and supplemented this work with an assembling of words and numbers, a kind of fluid inner journey through other expressions to images. These you'll find recreated from my studio walls, here in the gallery.

Mo Shui (Ink Water) by Marsha McDonald

Guo Xi Black Water - Mo Shui (Ink Water)

Water is green in spring; jade green in summer; blue in autumn; and black in winter.
-Guo Xi

Unaltered digital photos form a year-long record of the Milwaukee River. My intent was to create images that, while honestly en plein air, were also interior winter meditations.

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