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Prematurely Air-Conditioned Arts Collective
performs John Zorn's Cobra

Thursday, March 19, 7 pm

William Akers - trombone
Barry Paul Clark - bass
Jay Mollerskov - guitar
Jon Lovas - saxophone
Chris Michelotti - tuba
Warren Enstrom - bassoon
Joni Clare - voice
Nicholas Elert - electronics
Molly Leiberman - viola
Pat Reinholz - cello
Timothy Dries - vibes
Paul Westfahl - percussion
Allen Russell - violin
Timothy Russell - percussion
Nick Weckman - Cobra Commander

Cobra, taking its name from a popular World War II simulation board game, is an improvisational game piece created by New York-based saxophonist and composer John Zorn. In this piece, audiences will be entertained both aurally and visually as performers wave their hands and give signals to a prompter. The prompter then flashes cards to the performers that influence how the piece develops. No two performances of Cobra are alike. In fact, no two performances of Cobra are remotely similar with its open instrumentation and open improvisation-based playing.

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