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  Aaron Belz
Aaron Belz has new work in Court Green, No Tell Motel, Boston Review, and McSweeney's. He lives in
Aaron Belz
St. Louis, MO, where he teaches at Saint Louis University and curates the "Readings @" poetry series, a moveable feast that will spend the '05-'06 season at the Schlafly Tap Room.

Reinventing the Wheel

Aaron Belz
I tried to reinvent the wheel, and it was fun,
Because I did. It came out better than before,
Rounder, quicker, and with less friction.

The mistake I made was trying to reinvent you:
You came out taller and less confident,
With a shopkeeper's eye and shiny skin.
You got me back by reinventing me,
Turning me into what I had wanted to be,
A pensive, slightly overweight woman
With a knack for arcane geography.
Will we be happy as our new selves?
I ask myself as we lean back with brandies
On a moonlit night; I think we will,
I think to myself, though I'm thinking it as you,

And you're looking down on me as I would,
As if at any minute I might steal something,
But still not knowing what is in my mind—
A peninsula where it rains but never snows.
The wind picks up; we head inside.
We sleep in a place where we both reside.

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