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  Aase Berg
Aase Berg is a poet, literary critic and translator. She grew up outside Tensta in Stockholm, where she was born in 1967. Her first book, Hos rdjur
Aase Berg
(With Deer), was published by Bonnier in 1997. This was followed by Mrk Materia (Dark Matter), a book-length science-fiction prose poem, in 2000. Her third book, Forsla fett (Transfer Fat), was nominated for the prestigious Augustpriser for the best poetry book of 2002. In 2005, she published her fourth book, Uppland. Her essays on literature and culture have appeared in BLM, Gteborgs-Posten and 00-tal, among other places. She currently resides in Stockholm.

About the translator:
Johannes Gransson

Johannes Gransson is the co-editor of Action Books, which published his collection of translations Remainland: Selected Poems of Aase Berg last fall. He has guest-edited special Swedish poetry issues for the journal Fourteen Hills and the on-line journal Typo. His poems and translations can be found in various journals, such as jubilat, conduit, Double Room and Octopus.

Hal tid

Aase Berg

Slippery Hal

From Remainland

translated by Johannes Gransson
Nr odd Harey lsts i kapsel
som slungas ut i kosmos skum
och den dementa datorn sjunger
sin plancktidssng i viktlst rum

Det frosch


When undead Harey is locked in a capsule
which is slung out into the cosmos murk
and the demented computer sings
its plancktime song in weightless space

It snuffs


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