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  Anne Waldman
Anne Waldman has worked her magic on audiences throughout the United States and around the world.
Anne Waldman
She has worked and performed with a number of well-known musicians, composers and dancers, and has collaborated with visual artists. Waldman has been acknowledged as a major voice in American poetry. Her goal for her poetry is simple, and yet anything but simple to achieve. She says, in effect, that what she is attempting to do on the page is to give readers not "a refined gist" or "an extrapolation" of feeling, thought and emotion, but an actual "experience" of "a high moment." Waldman is attempting to bring to poetry on the page the same kind of immediacy and sense of immersion that she brings to her poetry in public performance.

from Marriage: A Sentence

Anne Waldman
what is erroneous

is amorous

what excels its creation

is sound bites in a dream

what lover is so steady to stay by you

stays by you

what is the next way to get ballast on board duty free

maxim: spiritual baggage

spiritual love's an idea in most ceremonies

a kind footnote

and when I write "kind" I meant kind in the sense of children

for where else does the contest of love but lie in kind?

in the genetic streams of children, remember that, in their genes


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