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  Anselm Berrigan
Anselm Berrigan is the author of Zero Star Hotel and Integrity & Dramatic Life, published by Edge Books. A CD, Pictures for Private Devotion,
Anselm Berrigan
is available through Narrow House Records. Recent poems can be found on-line at gutcult.com and in The Best American Poetry 2004. He lives in New York City in the neighborhood in which he grew up, and is the Artistic Director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church. With his mother Alice Notley and brother Edmund Berrigan he has co-edited The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan, due out this fall from the University of California Press.

"Zero Star Hotel"

Anselm Berrigan
The banana peel is an important part of the eco-system—E. Berrigan

As we do what we do fine
Independence bangs back
In the wild lifelessness
I am unable to handle shiny surfaces
Part camera part bulldozer
Poppa my pod fell apart
On the way to the root station
For forward thinkers and their socket slots
Waving waves back
In the iceman's days nicknames
Were prevalent: Annie Annie Oakley
Ansy Slem Arnold Anton Ralton Leston
Selmton Tonton Selmselm Fuckton Cuntton Asston Workton
A candy stained tongue boasts of disposable income
Bees see marigolds blue
Mummy was a rich brown pigment
Production of carmine continues in the Canary Islands
On land my pale camouflage becomes
Inefficient, filling me with glee
The road seems to buckle
Buildings fold-in
Cars come straight at me

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