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  Basil King
Basil King came to the U.S. from London
Basil King
in 1947. He studied painting and writing at Black Mountain College, and in the early 1970s, with two partners, he founded Mulch magazine; Mulch Press subsequently published six books, including Paul Blackburn's Piere Vidal and Allen Ginsberg's Visions of the Great Rememberer both with art by King.

from Section XIX of

Basil King
One of my first painting teachers told us to cover the canvas with a thin
coat of ochre before we began to paint. I suppose it was to cure us of any
violent acts we might deliver to the canvas. I suppose it was to help us
produce a likeness that would look benign. But it wasn't of a gentle
disposition. It wasn't gracious, or kindly, or gentle. What appeared on the
canvas appeared to be primitive. But it wasn't. It was more knowing than
Modigliani. It was not real. It was imagined.

nothing surfaced
Water Street. The street was old. The bricks were weathered. The building
had no heat or hot water. There were fireplaces on each floor. There was
electricity. That winter it was cold. The oil paints froze in their tubes.
We gave a party. A big party. When we woke up, Dan's beautiful suede jacket
was missing. My record player and records were gone. Something or some
things were missing of Lynn's—I can't remember.

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