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  Beth Bretl
Beth Bretl is a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of
Beth Bretl
Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she recently served as co-editor of poetry for The Cream City Review. Her poetry and fiction have been published or are forthcoming in Free Verse, North American Review, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine and Calyx.


Beth Bretl

this invective
on the shoddiness of "suffice"

wears the roof uneven
tattered rain sends the fog

hugely, they bait volcanoes
tally bolls of cloud cover

the room, compliant
the night-moon, gauze


someone has left linens, small
trajectory of forget-me-nots

on this ligature: a silvered
repose, meantime

silt maroons a valley
opportunely transcribed

water slaps
absently against the page

what slips the mind
he cannot imagine

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