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  Betsy Andrews
Betsy Andrews, 2007 Brittingham Prize winner, is the author of She-Devil (Sardines Press, 2003), In Trouble/C-3 (with
Betsy Andrews
Bruce Andrews, BoogCity, 2004), and New Jersey (UW Press 2007). Her poems and essays can be found in publications including X-Connect, PomPom, Narrativity and the Yemeni newspaper, Culture. She reviews poetry, theater and experimental prose for Gay City News.

"The heart of darkness is alive and beating in Betsy Andrews's New Jersey. This well investigated sweep of a poem builds and passionately sustains itself through many luminous hallucinatory details. With its commitment to naming, to witnessing the machinations and degradations of our terror, this is a brave poem, and a necessary one."
- Anne Waldman, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

from New Jersey

Betsy Andrews
at the Swedesboro exit, at the Woodbury exit, at the Camden exit, at the Burlington exit
hometown thespians rehearse a musical adaptation of war games,
the deadeye indicator of the devil, undazzled, in the details
a bus full of party delegates slouching in their friction-charged skins
rolls past the jobbing line, rolls past the meat-packing plant
toward the birth of a new convulsive nature, a countrywide husbandry,
an emotional swing, the dream of the dream of the dream of a driver,
seated and commandeering down the gaping streets of retractable housing
where the aluminum siding licks its own wounds,
and a four-year-old in the driveway
repeats to herself, you're okay, you're okay

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