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  Catherine Daly
Catherine Daly's parents met in Milwaukee while students at Marquette, where her mom was a speech therapy major and her dad was the captain of
Catherine Daly
the last football team (which, under the coaching of the late John Druze, didn't wear modern helmets, causing his hearing loss that necessitated their meeting). Daly was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois. Educated at Trinity College and Columbia University, once a peripatetic developer of online environments, she now lives in Los Angeles. She writes a fair bit of sound poetry and visual poetry in her books DaDaDa (Salt, 2003), Locket (Tupelo, 2005), and the forthcoming Secret Kitty (Ahadada), Paper Craft (Moria), To Delite and Instruct (blue lion), and Chanteuse/Cantatrice (factory school).

Lagrange Points

Catherine Daly
Lagrange Points

embodied essences

mark positions of cancellation
x x o
with a mathematical flair

an unstable equilibrium
"vain aerial ways"
formed by a triangle

frame of reference rotates with the system
tend to wander

"rolled from thought"

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