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  Christien Gholson
Christien Gholson
Christien Gholson is currently one of the artists-in-residence at The Wormfarm Institute (a non-profit organic farm that seeks to bring culture back into agriculture) in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. His book of linked prose-poems, On the Side of the Crow, published by Hanging Loose Press, was nominated by Coldfront Magazine for best first book in 2006. A chapbook, The Sixth Sense, was recently published in The Modest Proposal Chapbook series of Lilliput Review. He attended both Naropa University and University of California at Davis. He was one of the leaders of the effort to unionize Borders Books & Music in the mid-nineties, editing the national bookseller union organizing magazine 8-Ball. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


From "Labyrinth: Days of the Dead"

Christien Gholson
It moves around here at night, a thief
over dry leaves in dream. Los Alamos,
Sandia, Kirtland, White Sands
. Through
the bathroom vent, a sucking wind, cluck
of an old woman, fingers boiled
phosphor-blue. Beneath her nails, a shock
of black in the blood. Daedalus: Copernicus:
Convoluted folds of the brain, a map
through: The solution moves away, gets
close: Galileo. Newton. Fascinating hole
that creates itself: Crush and release:
Einstein: Suture of Time, Space: Oppen-
heimer, Teller, Szilard: Inertial
confinement fusion: Rune
of angular momentum: A new world
safe: Nonlinear
Tantra Equation: Symmetry, symmetry: To reveal
the secret at the heart
by making it.

Path of Logos. Path of Logos. Follow
the thread. The razor wire fence
walks through the night. Mountains
watch us through every window.

A hum behind the wall. No source.
How it continues with
or without you.

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