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  Dan Beachy-Quick
Chicago born, Dan Beachy-Quick grew up in Colorado and upstate New York. He attended Hamilton College and the University of Denver.
Dan Beachy-Quick
He attended the Iowa Writer's Workshop. Currently, he teaches in the Writing Program at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. Beachy-Quick is the author Mulberry (Tupelo Press), North True South Bright (Alice James), and Spell (Ahsahta).

"For anyone who thinks that Postmodern poetry represents a complete break from that of the Romantics, Dan Beachy-Quick's Mulberry will come as a revelation... This is a wondrous book."
- Lyn Hejinian

from Mulberry

Dan Beachy-Quick
augury of in
scape of wood stress of wood
a pulse in sap // some heartwood
an artery a threadsource
in me and innocent
now this orbit in rings
of the tree in the yard of her
who passed

earth in the dry anger

now the dangerous song
occupies the middle thought

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