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Ed Roberson was described in the American
Ed Roberson
Book Review as "one of those deeply skilled poets—like William Bronk, Jack Spicer, and Gustaf Sobin—who have worked far outside that matrix of professional critics and reviewers where literary reputations are determined." He is part of an astonishingly fertile generation of artists produced by the Black cutlture of Pittsburgh, where he was born and raised. His study of Limnology (the study of the phenomena of lakes, ponds and streams) has led him to Alaska, Afognak Island and Bermuda. As twice team member of the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh South American Expeditions, he has climbed mountains in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Andes and explored the upper Amazon jungle. Roberson lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he works in the office of special programs at Cook College, a division of Rutgers University.

City Eclogue Continued

Ed Roberson
Dozens of cattlebirds of paper fly around
thinking a movie shot
and not that they're just rubbish light enough
and it's time for pick up

which will dump them into dance with garbage gulls
who partner themselves
with popular images       pages flying
winged magazines;

the humped earth settles up to its horns in mud
roaring       then bubbles
of going under cloud air with odor—
this also a local character

a spirit       herding its flock of natural decompositions
along a mound made into natural
ground for later       their suits sheared into compost for the spin
into garden earth.

Naked, the planet turns itself
into itself      in a mirror      model-
beautiful      it shows its timeless line
for season

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