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  Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson coedits EtherDome Press with Colleen Lookingbill, and is coeditor of a new magazine, 26, as well as
Elizabeth Robinson
Instance Press. Fanny Howe selected her book, Pure Descent, for the National Poetry Series, 2001, which will eventually be published by Sun & Moon Press. Robert Creeley selected her work to appear in the Best American Poetry of 2002. Her poetry is widely considered to represent the best in lyric abstraction and physicality of language. Robinson lives in Berkeley.


Elizabeth Robinson
The purpose of the blanket
is not to cover but to fall.

You were made to
recognize, but poorly,

your lover.          A puppet

crudely carved in your likeness

besseches your help.
Thus your fine seam
suspends the curtain

and your reflection bleaches
its own fabric whose referral
is late and harassed.

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