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  Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Robinson was educated at Bard College, Brown University, and Pacific School of Religion. Her most recent books are Under That Silky Roof (Burning Deck, 2006), Apostrophe (Apogee Press, 2006),
Elizabeth Robinson
Apprehend (Apogee/Fence/Saturnalia, 2003), Pure Descent (winner of the 2001 National Poetry Series; Sun & Moon, 2003), Harrow (Omnidawn, 2001), and House Made of Silver (Kelsey St. Press, 2000). She teaches at the University of Colorado. With Colleen Lookingbill, she edits EtherDome Press.

"a poetry of desire in the most complex sense" - Paul Hoover

"What stays a marvel in this impeccable poet's writing is her determination to bridge between the physically given world and that other we gloss with words, yet apprehend insistently as the defining presence of our lives themselves." - Robert Creeley

From Its Cumulus Infancy

Elizabeth Robinson


"Mum, mum, mum," what do you babble—
must be the quavering shadow
of smoke

"Wah," then, is water in blindness—

agile, quicker agitation

flowing uphill

alliterates into this

clear space, a foreign language

Buzzing here a yellowjacket
or other

predator of flesh:
blood's honey in the milk
you cry for every so often

dryness or fullness
or slept through


Night in yellow

sibilant infant

in the words beginning with "B"
lined or banded

They sting that
"only want their portion"

Beginning in the scorch-coated

red bottle-brush tree

And a figure curved
fetal among those red filaments

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