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  Elliot O. Lipchik
Elliot O. Lipchik: "You can take the man out of Brooklyn, but cannot take Brooklyn out of the man. Thus, my first chapbook of poetry,
Elliot O. Lipchik
Tethered To These Stones, reflects those seminal years. Raised by immigrant parents and schooled through college in New York provided indelible "melting pot" experiences. After college I lived and studied Medicine in Europe, returning to Rochester, New York and then to Milwaukee. Since early retirement from medicine and a professorship at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I have been studying (primarily at UWM) and writing poetry. My poetry has been published in: Porcupine, Borderlands-Texas Poetry Review, Cicada, Chiron Review (prize winner), Religious Consultation Report I, et al."

At the Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Elliot O. Lipchik
A forest of stone tablets
like tilted dominoes that
lean on one another
rooted, not 6 degrees
but 12, to the beginning of time.

I am tethered
to these stones whose
carved inscriptions have faded
If one toppled, I would be
pulled feet first under
the holy ground.

There could be no resistance
to these chains of the past
My skull cap to mark
the spot of disappearance.

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