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Eric Unger
Eric Unger was born in Oswego, New York in 1981. Since 2005 he has lived in Chicago. He has been educated at Bennington College, SUNY Oswego, and Columbia College Chicago. His poetry has appeared in Drill, SILO, Small Town, string of small machines, Little Red Leaves, and is forthcoming in the Outside Voices 2008 Anthology of Younger Poets. His chapbook Just as Form was published by House Press in 2007. He edits Spell, a journal for emerging and experimental work, and string of small machines, with Luke Daly and Barrett Gordon.

Differentiations Noted in the Xeriscape

Eric Unger
Tell lies, sin
creeping to overlook

perverting tone
at belly's mouth

weighted grade foregone
philosophy ignored

slow poison
'twixt lips, teeth

propulsion hastened
small flowers
swallowed whole.

Pearl laden wrist
after party

torn softly
to affix wrongly

for ground tear
ownership granted

right distance cut
sharp salt meats
performing fearless

upstaged wine glass
lost sound whether
rip means taste

or implies command
for stage, foreign

transport tongue
low water mark

dated dusk
aspersion noted
bedroom eyes.

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