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  Fleda Brown
Fleda Brown, 2007 Felix Pollak Prize winner, is Poet Laureate of Delaware, professor of English at the University of Delaware, and
Fleda Brown
author of Breathing In, Breathing Out, winner of the Philip Levine Prize, and The Women Who Loved Elvis All Their Lives. Her poetry has been published in journals including Poetry, Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review, and Georgia Review. This is her sixth collection of poems.

"Things fall apart in these poems-memories, family, and the expanding universe are scattered into pieces, spread across imagination's space. But Brown also seeks to compose-or at least to imply the possibility of-their reunion. Cast in an impressive variety of forms, she manages her signature, magical metamorphoses, poetry soaring at its best, yet, somehow, never leaving the ground it rises from."
- Dabney Stuart

from No Heron

Fleda Brown
Herons are bigger than egrets, though they have the same long legs.
My father said one with an eight-foot wingspan flew over his boat.
I would like to be shadowed by something that big. It would seem

like poetry, just out of reach, moving and making a bare flush
of wings, and I would think of it long after, the way it was heading
away from me. My longing would not be satisfied even if I could

grab its scrawny legs in my hand, even if it nuzzled up to me.

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