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  Garin Cycholl
Garin Cycholl teaches writing and literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he also works as co-editor of Near South, a journal of experimental
Garin Cycholl
poetry, fiction, and drama. His recent work will appear this spring with Admit2 and Keep Going. He is author of Nightbirds (selected prose recently published by moria books), and Blue Mound to 161, a book-length poem on geological and historical displacements in Southern Illinois (Pavement Saw Press 2005).


Garin Cycholl

after Aaron Siskind
to read these put your
head in a tuck—your
shoulders in a box
the masks tangible
as air
  muscles plied
into frame   then
grayed   the

sky gives way
staring into your own
shoulder (not as solid as
it seemed
tell your knees
you love the sky   the
sadness realizing Hi is
dead   the letters have
stopped coming   but you
now a story of falling
bodies splashing into
the air below your hip
gives way to it

what's on the water?
paper greased and alumi-
nummed down and
greened   your fingers
splitting it—a hands
down myth here
counting ribs


into a silvered
gelatin skin   your
consciousness is a
helicopter whirl
thrown against
a brickpile

you rise to
the applause of
towheaded kids on
the pier and tell
yourself that's

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