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  Gene Tanta
Gene Tanta was born in Timisoara, Romania in 1974 and immigrated with his family to Chicago in 1984. A translator of contemporary Romanian
Gene Tanta
poetry, he earned his MFA from the Iowa's Writers' Workshop in 2000. Publications include: Epoch, Ploughshares, Circumference Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, Watchword, Columbia Poetry Review, and two collaborative poems with Reginald Shepherd in Indiana Review. Currently, pursues Ph.D.in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Reader Response

Gene Tanta
Suddenly, I will make miracles in the attic
I'll do the chicken drunk as hell.

It's spring for everybody else too, you know.
Lean in, liebes kind, speak into my curls

bitter little nothings I am a garbled razor
thinking its way across your throat.

Your spit tastes like spit in your mouth
and your tongue is bite-size.

Listen. I didn't mean it that way.
I'll make you make it make sense.

I let the sorry out of the bag
and stuff you in instead and sell you to the gypsies.

With your no-nonsense hair, mein liebes kind,
please take me back into your hot, hot mouth.

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