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George Tysh George Tysh coordinated the highly
George Tysh
successful LINES: New Writing Program at the Detriot Institute of the Arts from 1980-1991, bringing more than 300 writers to read and discuss their work. Winner of a NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, Tysh has published six books of poetry. His most recent collection is Dream Sites: A Visual Essay (Past Tents Press/Cranbrook Art Museum, 1998). He is currently the Arts Editor of the Metro Times (Detroit).

A Balcar Flashmeter

George Tysh
The hot room shuddered to a stop in the early

morning light. A Balcar flashmeter ready to

turn over clicked in a corner. Above us, lamps

dusted on cones of young air spreading into

invisible circles on the ceiling. Rose silk

floor drapery crumpled under the weight of your

shoe which dropped making a sound.

The studio was permeated with a blue moon after-

glow of crackling electronic bulbs. I had just

photographed you one hundred times in five minutes.

from Ovals, In Camera, 1985

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