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  Joanne Kyger
Joanne Kyger has played a vital role in the
Joanne Kyger
American poetry scene for more than four decades. She is one of the major experimenters, hybridizers, and visionaries of poetry. Her poems explore themes of friendship, love, community, and morality, and draw on Native American sources as well as the path of Buddhist religion and philosophy. Kyger arrived in San Francisco in 1957 during the Howl obscenity trials as a near-graduate of University of California–Santa Barbara. She soon met John Weiners, Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer and began to write and discuss poetry during "Sunday meetings." Her long publishing career began in 1965 with her first book, The Tapestry and the Web.

Your Heart Is Fine

from Again: Poems

Joanne Kyger
  Your heart is fine       feeling the widest
 possible empathy for the day and its inhabitants
      Thanks for looking at the wind
 in the top of the eucalyptus
        dancing like someone you know
    well        'I'm here        I'm here        I'm here!'
 The wind picks up
 a rush of leaves waving
 wildly for your understanding
 —apple, plum, bamboo
 rooted and flourishing
      next to your home
 in the air       awake
    without defect
June 17, 2000

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