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  Joel Bettridge
Joel Bettridge
Joel Bettridge is author of That Abrupt Here (Cultural Society, 2007). Joel is currently editing a collection of essays on Ronald Johnson for the National Poetry Foundation's Life and Work series. He lives in Portland.

For All Appearance

Joel Bettridge
Impressed to affection
after all
the kind of talk we
come to expect to hear from
elected officials and

for example
To make palatable

my choices of
formal organization
a problem of
your neckline and what it
suggests of what I'm sure

are anynumber of

personal qualities
The dilemma of using

for beddingAs if
I could repent of
my wish for my need of

Indecorousa one type of
allusion standing

in for another
something like
to cite an instance
Bets placed on

indiscernible parts of speech

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