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Joel Craig
Joel Craig is the author of The White House (Green Lantern Press, 2012), and the chapbook Shine Tomorrow (Lost Horse, 2009). His poems have appeared in Boston Review, Iowa Review, Fence, GutCult, A Public Space, TYPO, and Rabbit Light Movies among others. He co-founded and for twelve years has curated the monthly Danny's Reading Series and edits poetry for MAKE: A Literary Magazine—where he lives, in Chicago, Illinois.


Joel Craig
He was born as his name implies
as though distortion weren't enough
in itself to frighten good, innocent people.
Even little children utter old words,
but that's not the half.
There remains an apology that is due.
How necessary it is we keep secrets.
And what is to be done
to prevent something awful from happening—
or perhaps we just get used to it.
If momentum can do so much,
just imagine what it will do for us.


The perfect part of work is technical.
Cataclysm charges the atmosphere.
It always does. The world
with recurring aspirations for wilderness
shakes down the housetops.
Here in the vision
it is a nice, sunny afternoon.
Because he could see himself getting raked
on every side, it is difficult
to imagine how people for years to come
will care for such refinement,
desiring everything.

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